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Guided Tours at the subvision Festival

Festival visitors can find the art mediation team at the information container near Strandkai-Plaza. Five members of team*partake offer individual and group tours daily at regular times from 08/27 to 09/06/2009, 3 & 6 pm.

Tours for groups and school-classes should best be specially arranged in advance.


As team*partake, students of art pedagogy at the Hamburg Hochschule für bildende Künste (HFBK) have developed an unusual mediation concept under the direction of Prof. Michael Lingner. The different guided tours seek to fathom possibilities of viewing and assessing contemporary art beyond customary approaches in the form of open discussions.

FAQ - frequently asked questions on art
Curiosity, uncertainty, scepticism, and fascination – when dealing with contemporary art, everyone reacts a bit differently! The personal concept of art and its questionability are the focus of this tour. It is meant to incite the audience to use examples of the show to formulate their own views and interests and reassess the certainties they have until now adhered to.

Today one usually speaks of “works” in the context of art. But what lies behind the usage of this term? And how can artistic quality be judged in the first place? Is quality something that is perhaps not always visible? The concept of artistic work and the criteria used to judge its quality are put up for debate in this tour.

Blind Date
What happens when for the viewers of art not only the works but also the artists are available? This tour offers the unique opportunity to examine selected works and then talk about them with the respective artists.

Multiple Choice
Under what conditions is something regarded and/or experienced as art? And what does so-called “mediation” have to do with it? The various contexts relevant to art and its cultural construction become experienceable in a varied role play.

Fast Food
What is subvision? And what does “off” actually mean? In three approx. 15-minute guided tours, the attempt is made to answer these questions. The short menu tours are meant to give a first impression of subvision and its context, to then enable visitors to go into the matter in a more targeted way and discover the festival on their own.

Concept: team*partake: Anja Bischoff, Kirstin Burckhardt, Michael Lingner, Inke Schlör, Julia Ziegenbein (zeitweilig: u.a. Dorothea Brettschneider, Nora Klumpp, Johannes Mentzel)


Artists initiative Chto delat, St. Petersburg (RU)