Art mediation:

Project Outline

From August 26 to September 6, 2009, the festival for international contemporary art, subvision. kunst. festival. off., fathomed artistic strategies beyond the established art business. Artists’ initiatives< ... | More  >>

Guided Tours at the subvision Festival

Festival visitors can find the art mediation team at the information container near Strandkai-Plaza. Five members of team*partake offer individual and group tours daily at regular times from 08/27 to 09/06/2009, 3 & 6 pm. .. . Tours for groups and school-classes should best be specially ar ... | More  >>

Art mediation format “Multiple Choice”

Discover what makes art art. Following an idea by Julia Ziegenbein, the various contexts relevant to art and its cultural constructedness become experienceable in varied role plays. Under what conditions is something regarded and/or experienced as art? And what does so-called “mediation” have to ... | More  >>

Art mediation format “Blind Date”

Encounters with artists and their art. Following the idea of Inke Schlör, a setting will be created in which questions can be posed to the artists and their works in an open and differentiated way. What happens if, as an art viewer, one can not only question the artworks but also the artists – wh ... | More  >>

Art mediation format “Cross over”

The concept of artistic work and values in the crossfire. Following an idea of Kirstin Burckhardt, the concept of artistic work and the criteria of its quality are addressed by confronting two opposite cultures. In the context of art, one today speaks of “works”. But what’s behind the use of ... | More  >>

Art mediation format “FAQ”

Frequently asked questions on art. Following an idea by Anja Bischoff, the individual concept of art and its questionability are the focus of this tour. Can anything conceivable be art today? But what does this concept then still mean? Why art? And what do I get from it? Questions upon questions. C ... | More  >>

Art mediation format “Fast Food”

Following an idea by Nora Klumpp, exciting short guided tours will be offered granting specially selected insights into subvision. What is subvision? And what does “off” actually mean? In three approx. 15-minute guided tours, the attempt is made to address these two questions. The short menu to ... | More  >>

Between Guided Tour and Participation

Art Mediation as an artistic Task? Formats of participatory art stagings and tours / A project report by Prof. Michael Lingner. Prompted by the request to develop a mediation program for subvision together with students, I did a theory-practice project on art mediation in the summer semester of 2 ... | More  >>