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Strandkai / HafenCity
D-20457 Hamburg

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c/o HFBK
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D-22081 Hamburg


subvision was an initiative of Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg in cooperation with Deichtorhallen and Hamburger Kunsthalle.

Artistic director
Martin Köttering (HFBK)

Dr. Brigitte Kölle

Artistic advisory board
Dr. Robert Fleck
Prof. Hubertus Gaßner (Hamburger Kunsthalle)

Project coordination
Swaantje Burow (HFBK)

Project assistance
Christina Ruppert (HFBK)
Jennifer Smailes

Executive director
Helmut Sander (TPH GmbH)

Assistance executive director
Sabine Poerschke (TPH GmbH)

Ida Kaufmann

Communication & marketing
Olaf Bargheer
Jennifer Smailes (assistance)

Julia Mummenhoff & Sabine Boshamer (HFBK)

Graphic design
Team Prof. Ingo Offermanns (HFBK):
Anne-Katrin Ahrens
Jana Hochmann
Kathrin Roussel
Moritz Ahrens
Alex Hachtl
Frida Mindt
Alireza Ravanipoura

Exhibition architecture
Architektur Werkstatt Hamburg e.V.:
Simon Putz
Evelyn Brenn
Carl Faber
Sascha Hinck
Christian Meyer-Wolters
Corinna Knebel
Prof. Dr. Michael Staffa

Uwe A. Carstensen (HafenCity GmbH)

Kollegen 2,3 Bureau für Kulturangelegenheiten:
Hajo Toppius
Sascha Schneider
Alicja Adamczyk (assistance)
Kristof Schäfer (assistance)

Uwe Sinkemat
Mia Eder (assistance)
Technical preparation:
Kimberly Horten
Mark Böhnke
Mark Harvison
Manfred Marte
Gerhard Mantey

Artistic mediation
Team Prof. Michael Lingner (HFBK):
Anja Bischoff
Kirsten Burckhardt
Nora Klumpp
Inke Schlör
Julia Ziegenbein

Ulf Treger (design & realization)
Felix Raeithel (HTML/templates)
Olaf Bargheer (content)
Jennifer Smailes (assistance)

Karl Hoffmann



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