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Artists’ initiative: noroomgallery

(Hamburg / DE) www.noroomgallery.com

“The noroomgallery produces presentation forms: modes of exhibiting.” (Jan Holtmann)

The noroomgallery, founded by Jan Holtmann in Hamburg in 1996, does not operate its own space—as the name already suggests. Instead, it temporarily latches on to other sites, depending on the programme. This can be the Hamburger Kunstverein, Hotel Atlantik, the Altonaer Museum, an optician’s, the small Sophia Loren art school—or the subvision festival. The lack of a permanent site is part of its agenda. A “noroom gallerist”, as Holtmann makes it clear, is like “mom-and-pop without a shop”.

Based on the notion that the work and its distribution/ mediation are two sides of a coin and that the true mission of art is the production of presentation and mediation formats, the noroomgallery is dedicated to display forms and spaces of comparison in
art. Hence, not the “what” is the core of the debate but the “how”. In the process, the projects take on unique and highly different forms.

Here are a few examples: The KunstHasserStammTisch (ArtHatersRegularsTable) as a platform for performative art critique / The doubling of an exhibition as the presentation of the image of an art exhibition at the end of the 20th century / A fashion collection and fashion show as intervention in urban development / Doing away with the curator as a principle in the international exchange of culture / A revival of the music of the Hamburg school, played by a wedding band as art in the interest of the public / A really huge mirror ball dangling from a helicopter and illuminated by sky beamers, hovering over the subvision festival grounds on the opening evening…

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