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Artists’ initiative: Mahony

(Vienna / AT) www.mahony.fm / www.odyssey500.com / Members: Andreas Duscha, Stephan Kobatsch, Clemens Leuschner, Jenny Wolka / Founding year 2003

The modus operandi of the Viennese artists’ group Mahony is imbued by the notion of the process-oriented character of art production and the collective development and implementation of works. Even if there are recurring motifs, the media and materials used are always derived from the respective theme. Mahony has expanded this principle with its project Odyssee500 (since 2008). Odyssee500 is an artistic analysis of the cultural history of global travelling exploring the emotional charging of the motif of travel in historical records, constructed narratives and long developed myths. During the course of the project, the studio in Vienna was abandoned as a fixed working space, thus lending a wider frame to the notion of working in a site-specific way. Moreover, by communicating with artists and institutions, a broader and more flexible platform emerges for discussions and exchange. At various points in time, Mahony invites cultural workers to deal with specific themes and realise works in collaboration with the artists’ group. Mahony is currently working in Vienna and Buenos Aires. Since the members of Mahony will be on a three-week boat journey during the subvision festival and therefore not on site, they have invited their artist colleague Robert Gruber (born 1979, www.gottrekorder.com) to become part of their work in Hamburg.